Committed to a circular economy

Foamex is a proud, long-serving member of Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA), the peak national body for EPS manufacturers and distributors in Australia. We are committed to the recycling of expanded polystyrene within our manufacturing process and have implemented a circular economy business model focussed on regenerative and restorative practices to ensure, where possible, we fully utilise used products and return these to the production cycle.


Polystyrene waste pick up service for builders

Foamex is proud to offer a closed loop service. When you order your products from Foamex, we are only too happy to take any excess and/or scrap polystyrene off your hands! Arrange to have the polystyrene waste at your building site picked up and recycled back into sustainable building products. We also pick up commercial quantities (more than 20m3) of clean polystyrene waste from non-account customers.

Call 03 8739 5800 to arrange your pick up.

IMPORTANT: Polystyrene must be clean and free of contaminants (ie Sticky Tape and Food). Check out our flyer on what can be recycled, and what can not be recycled. 


Polystyrene drop off service for the general public

We also invite the general public to drop off their polystyrene waste. Unlike council transfer stations that cost hundreds of dollars to dispose of polystyrene in landfill, we take a carboot load, heaped single trailor, utility, van or small truck for FREE (amounts under 20m3 does not attract a charge but it MUST BE CLEAN). Furthermore, it is all recycled back into sustainable building products, at our factories that fully operate on renewable energy sources.

Click here to find out where you can drop off your expanded polystyrene waste.

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