In 2017-2018 period, more than 87,000 tonnes of expanded polystyrene products were created and consumed in Australia, with 40% of that relating to the built environment . While a segment of this relates to polystyrene embedded in products used for building and construction such as waffle pods or engineering/manufacturing components), the remainder was for short term or single use products such as packaging, which can be recycled after use.

As a proud member of Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA), Foamex is committed to reducing the amount of EPS polystyrene waste being sent to landfill in Australia. Our facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide are actively involved in the recycling of EPS products from end users, building and road construction sites, as well as other EPS manufacturers. Our granulating machines reduce moulded EPS into beads which are then reformed into new, sustainably produced EPS products.

We stringently follow all EPSA recommended EPS distribution and clean-up responsibilities outlined in the Pod Code of Practice, and we are partnering with our clients as well as the local communities to help raise awareness about the correct way to dispose of EPS polystyrene.

Our responsibilities at construction sites

Foamex are a committed supporter of EPSA’s product stewardship scheme targeting the reduction of expanded polystyrene litter from building sites in order to help reduce the number of polystyrene offcuts ending up in landfill.

All our polystyrene products are delivered to construction sites in a responsible manner, tied down in accordance with industry approved methods to prevent damage and blow away. We supply scrap bags to construction sites with all our Diamond Pod deliveries to assist with the separation of the EPS offcuts from general waste.

We actively work with building contractors to make arrangements for waste collection, transporting the filled scrap bags back to our facilities for repurposing into new polystyrene products. While EPS is recyclable it should not be put in your typical household general rubbish or recycling bins. Recycling EPS requires a specific process and currently is only recylced in large industrial quantities in Australia.


We also recycle polystyrene waste from the general public!

Don’t put your polystyrene packaging from your household appliances in landfill. Give it to us instead. Clean, expanded polystyrene can be 100% recycled.

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