Foamex - Innovative Polystyrene

Foamex is fully committed to the recycling of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) manufacturing waste and the conversion of Expanded Polystyrene into other products.

Our recycling facilities serve EPS end-users, building, and road construction sites, and other EPS manufacturers.

Source Reduction

By reusing all EPS manufacturing waste, virtually all EPS manufactured at Foamex is used for products.

Recycling and Reprocessing

Our granulating machines reduce moulded EPS into beads that are reformed into new products.

Responsibilities at Construction Sites

Foamex EPS in the form of Foamex Diamond Pods is delivered to the construction site in a responsible manner and is tied down in accordance to industry approved methods to prevent damage or blow aways. We supply bags for clean-up on-site and work closely with contractors to pick up unused waste or end-of-use EPS, transport it safely to our manufacturing facility, and granulate it for reuse.

Energy-saving qualities of EPS include:

  • Fully recyclable to reduce waste in the environment
  • Insulating properties to reduce energy for heating or cooling
  • Water resistance to reduce spoilage
  • Comprised of about 98 percent air resulting in efficient use of raw material
  • Lightweight to reduce consumption of transportation fuels
  • Resilient to reduce breakage
  • No CFC's (Chloroflurocarbon)

Foamex is a proud member of Recycling Expanded Polystyrene Australia (REPSA) and follows all recommended EPS distribution and clean-up responsibilities as outlined in the Pod Code of Practice.

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