StyroPod by Foamex is an Australian made, lightweight EPS waffle pod void former ideal for use in concrete slabs during the building & construction process. 



Designed specifically for use in residential building applications, StyroPod (formerly known as Diamond Pod) waffle pods provide under-slab insulation and support, working in unison with natural soil movements and lowering the amount of concrete required for a build.

Engineered waffle pod void former system for concrete slabs

With the StyroPod system, construction is quicker and more cost-effective compared to traditional concrete pours. A higher level of insulation is achieved through the natural air pockets in the expanded polystyrene and the moulded cells within the waffle pod design. StyroPod waffle pods can be used with any bracket and steel reinforcing mesh systems.

Waffle slab construction with expanded polystyrene waffle pods has contributed to a revolution in residential slabs and footings, enabling stronger, better-engineered slabs to be constructed faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods. Manufactured from high quality, Australian, expanded polystyrene, StyroPod waffle pods are unaffected by water, so therefore safer to install as there are no trenches to cave in during construction.

Waffle pod slabs add an insulation benefit of up to R1.0 (W/mk thermal resistance) as standard, which helps to reduce energy consumption in residential buildings. When used in conjunction with exterior XPS foam board slab edge insulation systems, the thermal value of the waffle slab system can meet and often exceeds the most stringent energy-efficient standards.
Waffle pod showing unique diamond-cut shape of the pod.

Unique, patented design for EPS pods

The unique size and diamond-cut shape of Foamex StyroPod offers a more uniform and high-strength waffle pod providing optimal support for foot traffic during construction. The foam deck of the StyroPod product is thicker than other standard waffle pods, and additional material is compacted into the base during the moulding process, meaning a concreter's boot is supported by the deck which spreads the load across a minimum of four support pillars. This is incredibly important to maintain Occupational Health & Safety on building sites.

The state-of-the-art technology and innovative design of the moulding machine uses no water and produces less waste, making StyroPod environmentally friendly to produce.

Sustainable business practices for polystyrene pods

As premium waffle pod suppliers, Foamex is committed to ensuring that StyroPods are delivered responsibly to construction sites and that offcuts are returned for polystyrene recycling. Foamex adheres to the EPSA Pod Code of Practice as laid out by the peak industry body Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA). Our pods are delivered to construction sites tightly wrapped together with plastic shrink wrap, and then further secured on-site with netting, which is attached to pegs in the ground to minimise the risk of blow-away and damage. Every order of StyroPod is delivered with bags to store off-cuts and leftover polystyrene. We then pick up these leftovers from site and repurpose them into new EPS products, such as new StyroPod waffle pods, which contain up to 50% recycled content.

Our commitment to polystyrene sustainability extends to how we operate our facilities. In Victoria and South Australia, we are fully powered by renewable energy sources from solar and wind farms.


StyroPod waffle pod slab advantages

  • Lightweight, durable and easy-to-handle waffle slabs
  • Weather resistant with low water absorption
  • 100% recyclable & sustainable
  • Contains up to 50% recycled content
  • Engineered to be stronger than standard waffle pods
  • Complies with Australian Building Codes & Standards

Applications for polystyrene waffle pods

  • lightweight reverseUnderslab insulation


StyroPod is available in a range of standard waffle pod sizes

Concrete slab cross-section showing the use of StyroPod waffle pods.

StyroPod waffle pods come in four convenient sizes to suit all types of construction and soil types, as outlined below. Alternatively, we can custom-make a StyroPod to suit your specific requirements.

150mm StyroPod

Can be used in shower or garage set-downs, ideal for situations that require step down or height variations across the slab.

225mm StyroPod

Best for moderately reactive clay or silt sites which can experience moderate movement from moisture change.

300mm StyroPod

Can be used in highly reactive clay sites, which can experience high ground movement from moisture change.

375mm StyroPod

Recommended for use in extremely reactive sites that experience substantial ground movement from moisture change.

Styropod Accessories for Foam Pods

‘StyroPod 4 Way Spacer

StyroPod 4 Way Spacer

Uniquely designed for the easy placement and positioning of the reinforced bars through the internal sections of a slab, the StyroPod 4 Way Spacer assists with a uniform concrete flow to ensure a cost efficient construction to Australian building standards. 

The StyroPod 4 Way Spacer is available in two sizes: 100mm, 110mm.

StyroPod 4 Way Interlock

The StyroPod 4 Way Interlock is a highly effective, time saving design that ensures the StyroPod waffle pods are secure and held in place, providing increased stabilisation during concrete pours and guaranteeing a uniform concrete flow. Simply slot into the lugs located at each corner to hold the pods tightly in place, this accessory also allows for double stacking of pods.

The StyroPod 4 Way Interlock is available in two sizes: 100mm, 110mm

StyroPod 4 Way Interlock
StyroPod 2 Way Spacer

StyroPod 2 Way Spacer

Cleverly designed to fit 100mm or 110mm internal spacings, the StyroPod 2 Way Spacer can be used in between pods as an internal bar support, wherever steel supports are required, or in trenches throughout the slab.

StyroPod Rails

A unique, simple design with stabilising spikes that ensures waffle pods are secure, even when exposed to high winds or inclement weather, StyroPod Rails offer superior concrete flow and reinforcing mesh support. The wide base of the rails spreads the weight of the reinforcing mesh evenly over the waffle pod. StyroPod Rails increase end user productivity, reduces labour time, and also helps to improve slab safety and quality.

StyroPod Rails are available in the convenient size of 600mm L x 75mm W x 40mm H 

StyroPod Rails
StyroPod Slab Edge Spacer

StyroPod Slab Edge Spacer - NOT AVAILABLE IN VIC

The StyroPod Slab Edge Spacer has been specifically designed for the easy placement and positioning of the edge beam bars along the outer edge of a slab. Available size: 110mm.

EPS Recycling Bags

We strictly adhere to the Industry Code of Practice which outlines the responsible use of EPS pods on building sites. Our EPS recycling bags enable scrap off cuts to be collected and recycled by our state-of-the-art recycling plant, and put back into sustainable building products.

EPS Recycling Bags


What is the purpose of waffle pods?

A waffle pod is a polystyrene void former used in concrete slab construction reducing the amount of concrete required for residential building applications. They are also lightweight, durable and weather-resistant.

Is a waffle pod better than a concrete slab?

Waffle pods form part of what would otherwise be a standard concrete slab. They are lighter than concrete and easy to handle and reduce the amount of concrete that needs to be trucked onto a building site.

How much does a waffle pod slab cost?

Waffle pod slabs cost less than conventional concrete slabs because less concrete is poured, reducing the amount required. The pods are easier and lighter to transport to the site and install than more traditional methods of slab construction.

Do waffle pod slab need piers?

Sometimes it is necessary to install concrete piers underneath a waffle pod slab, but this depends on the soil classification.
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