StyroPak polystyrene boxes are a convenient, inexpensive, and lightweight packaging solution for the retail industry. 

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Manufactured in Australia from high quality expanded polystyrene, StyroPak boxes are not only versatile, economic and durable, the high shock absorption characteristics of EPS makes them an ideal choice for the storage and transport of fragile, expensive or temperature sensitive goods. Additionally, the lightweight nature of expanded polystyrene also means reduced transportation costs when compared to traditional packaging material. Cleaner and more visually appealing to customers, these StyroPak packaging is resistant to bacteria and moisture, as well as 100% recyclable. 

StyroPak expanded polystyrene boxes can be used to package a range of fresh produce items – seafood, meat, fruit and veg. Moisture resistant and chemically inert, they are extremely safe for use for food packaging, and their insulation properties keep food fresher for longer during transport.

NB: StyroPak EPS boxes are only available for order through our Foamex SA office. If you are based in Victoria, NSW, QLD and Tasmania, please contact our manufacturing partner Polyfoam - for enquiries and orders 

Why StyroPak?

  • Easy to handle & stack
  • Chemically inert & moisture resitant - safe for food
  • Outstanding shock absorbency
  • 100% recyclable
  • Outstanding shock absorbency & compression
  • Versatile - can be moulded into any shape to suit your requirements


  • lightweight reverseFood storage & transportation
  • cost twoCold storage
  • weather 2Protective Packaging
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Environmentally sustainable packaging

EPS polystyrene boxes provide a cheaper and more environmentally friendly packaging solution compared to traditional packaging solutions such as timber, straw and cardboard. Cleaner and more visually appealing to customers, polystyrene packaging boxes are resistant to bacteria and moisture, as well as recyclable. In fact, EPS packaging requires less energy to manufacture than traditional materials, and its lightweight nature means that fuel costs and fuel emissions are reduced. No other packaging material delivers polystyrene's unique combination of performance, economic and environmental benefits.

Whether you need to protect valuable items during shipping, maintain a set temperature and humidity level, or keep fresh produce fresher for longer, look no further than Foamex’s range of polystyrene boxes.

Product Range

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Insulated Ice/Cooler Boxes

StyroPak insulated cooler boxes provide up to 48 hours of chill time during transport when used in conjunction with cold bricks or ice packs. Ideal for ice and other forms of produce, our cooler boxes come in range of sizes from small 4 litre coolers to 54 litre coolers.

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Produce Boxes

When it comes to the best food packaging products, StyroPak meets all hygiene requirements. Even in damp conditions, the material is moisture resistant and there is no loss of strength. With a range of sizes our produce boxes are ideal for items requiring cold storage.

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Seafood Boxes

Delivering seafood at its freshest is of the upmost importance to suppliers. Ideal for cold storage requirements, StyroPak offers a range of speciality seafood transport boxes custom designed to transport even the most delicate of seafood items.

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Wine Boxes

StyroPak’s range of wine boxes provide excellent storage and travel protection for shipping fragile items such as wine bottles. Available in single, double or triple packs, the protective foam base will fit standard wine or champagne bottles.

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