Foamex provide a range of specialty, high performance foams to businesses across Australia, including polyethylene and expanded polyethylene.

Our range of Australian made, specialty foams have been manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards. Proven to deliver outstanding stability and memory return, our closed cell specialty foams are ideal for businesses and applications that require precise and accurate performance.

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Foamex EPE expanded polyethylene foam is known for its unparalleled dimensional stability and recovery characteristics, making it an ideal alternative to traditional packaging methods for high end, delicate products. This high performance packaging foam provides optimal cushioning against repeated impacts and is impervious to most chemicals.

Watertight and more visually appealing to customers, Foamex EPE is available in a range of colours and suitable for use across a variety of industries.


Foamex PE33 is a fine-cell, high performance extruded polyethylene foam that is ideal for case inserts, tool control and other applications requiring precise perfomance. Durable, recyclable and reusable, PE33 provides exceptional strength as well as low abrasion and low water absorption. Resistant to many chemicals PE33 is widely used for child safety, gasket seals, life jackets and body protection, expansion joint filler, floating pond covers and other packaging and general insulation applications.

Foamex stocks a wide range of mouldings for external and internal applications, and we offer lamination options for custom applications as required.

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