GeoFoamX is a cost-effective void filler ideal for use in civil engineering, residential and commercial landscaping applications.

A superior fill solution, GeoFoamX is lightweight and manufactured from high-quality polystyrene foam blocks. Geofoam is a fill material with tremendous weight-bearing load capacity, making it the ideal choice in various technical civil engineering applications. From reducing soil stresses and decreasing the amount of concrete, to stabilising roads, landscape fill, embankments, bridge abutments, side hills and retaining walls. 

Available in a range of densities and sizes to suit your specific engineering requirements, GeoFoamX polystyrene blocks allow for greater control over geotechnical projects. Prefabricated, easy to handle and install, GeoFoamX can be laid in all weather conditions, meaning no delays due to inclement weather.

Geofoam features & benefits

  • lightweight reverseLightweight
  • cost twoCost effective
  • weather 2Weather resistant
  • recycle 2100% recyclable
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Strong and durable
  • Long-term retained R-values
  • Weather resistant
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Low moisture absorbency
  • Faster, more efficient install
  • Noise and vibration damping
  • Recyclable & sustainable
  • Complies with Australian Building Standards AS1366.3 (1992)
100 0042

Versatile, durable & economical EPS Geofoam blocks

The versatility, lightweight and durability of GeoFoamX makes it an ideal product for use in civil engineering and landscaping applications as a void filler. Traditional fills such as waste tyres, wood chips and soil have higher densities, can be hard to handle and are weather-sensitive. These materials are heavier, more expensive to freight, and also settle over time causing potential instability and lateral ground pressure. Geofoam, on the other hand is an inert material that is long-lasting and water resistant. It will not settle or rot and provides no nutritional value for insects or rodents, making it an excellent landscape foam filler.

Geofoam blocks are widely used across various civil engineering and landscaping applications, including bridge abutments, lightweight roads, plaza decks, stadium seating, building fill and more. Inherently multi-functional, GeoFoamX helps reduce load strain on underlying substrates. It can be cut to size, laid in any weather and does not require specific earthmoving machinery to install, allowing construction to continue without hold ups.

GeoFoamX Product Specifications

  • Product Sizes
  • Physical Properties
  • Other Properties
    L SL S M H VH VHH32 VHH36 VHH38
Compressive stress at 10% deformation, min. kPa 50 70 85 105 135 165 250 300 350
Cross breaking strength, min. kPa 95 135 165 200 260 320 500 550 600
Rate of vapour transmission, max. measured parallel to rise at 23°C  μg/m2.s 710 630 580 520 450 400 340 280 220
Max. dimensional stability of length, width and thickness, 7 days at 70°C % 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Min. thermal resistance (50mm sample) at mean temperature of 25°C m2K/W R(50/90) 1 1.20 1.22 1.25 1.40 1.41 1.43 1.45 1.5


    L SL S M H VH VHH32 VHH36 VHH38
Density - nominal kg/m3 11 13.5 16 19 24 28 32 36 38
Compressive strength at 1% deformation, max. kPa 14 23 31 42 58 60 63 65 70
Compressive strength at 5% deformation, max. kPa 33 59 68 95 134 164 230 290 340
Flexural strength, min. kPa 60 150 178 218 304 337 362 385 413
Elastic modulus, min. kPa 1450 2200 3100 4250 5850 7250 8650 9850 10950
Water absorption by total immersion, max. Vol% 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1
Buoyancy force kg/m3 989 986.5 984 981 976 972 968 965 963
Coefficient of thermal expansion m/m deg K  6.3x10-5 6.3x10-5 6.3x10-5 6.3x10-5 6.3x10-5 6.3x10-5 6.3x10-6 6.3x10-7 6.3x10-8

NB: This information is based on our current knowledge and experience. In view of the many factors that may affect processing and application, this data does not relieve the purchaser of the responsibility of carrying out their own tests and experiments; neither do they imply any legally binding assurance of certain properties or of suitability for a specific purpose. It is the responsibility of those to whom we supply our products to ensure that any proprietary rights and existing laws and legislations are observed.



Width: 1200mm
Length: 2400mm - 5000mm
Thickness: 600mm



FAQs about Geofoam blocks

What is Geofoam?

Geofoam is a strong and durable fill material made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) and manufactured into large, lightweight blocks. Geofoam blocks are frequently used as structural fill replacing soil, providing a more robust structure. Used in civil engineering projects, including the construction of highways, bridges, embankments, and soil & slope stabilisation, they have a superior load-bearing capacity than many alternative materials.

Can GeoFoamX be cut to size?

Yes, GeoFoamX EPS blocks can be cut to size on site, and the offcuts can be recycled. Foamex supplies bags to collect the surplus EPS and provides a polystyrene waste disposal service for builders.

What is the lifespan of EPS Geofoam?

The innate cellular structure of GeoFoamX makes it dimensionally stable. A study undertaken in Norway monitoring the effects of time on the performance of EPS has concluded that no deficiency effects are expected from EPS placed in the ground for a normal life cycle of 100 years.

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