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Foamex - Innovative Polystyrene

Looking for more creativity and imagination for your signage that attracts your customer’s attention?

3D Advertising is the first thing everyone sees ...

Expanded polystyrene is an ideal solution for low cost signage and lettering due to its durability, lightweight, cost, versatility and overall ease of use.

Styroboad blocks from Foamex can be hotwire into a range of original and imaginative signs and letter designs. We can recreate your logo, any messages or images you need with computer precision. Letters and signs can be painted in corporate or your nominated colours.

From mannequins to display heads, shop window concepts and product showcases, Styroboard EPS from Foamex is a lightweight and manageable material, durable and cost effective, making it ideal for long lasting or short term shop fittings.

Styroboad blocks from Foamex can be hotwire cut into a range of original and imaginative shop fittings and store window designs.

Styroboard EPS is suitable for a range of shop fittings from long term in-store uses to one off store windows.

EPS Signs and Lettering are suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor uses and include the following benefits:

  • High quality EPS material
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Eye catching
  • Can be recreated in your corporate colours
  • Light weight, easy to mount an move
  • Ideal for exhibitions and shop displays


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