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Foamex - Innovative Polystyrene

Expanded Polystyrene is ideal for packaging and can be custom designed in all grades and shapes.

  • A low density material, EPS results in lightweight packaging
  • Strong and durable, EPS can absorb high impacts (eg. If dropped)
  • EPS is unaffected even on direct contact with water
  • Chemically inert and therefore can be safely used for food packaging
  • Insulation properties protects contents against sudden temperature changes

The introduction of EPS for packaging for goods has seen the cost of packaging and transportation significantly reduced. This is because the energy required to manufacture and transport EPS is much lower than conventional packaging materials such as timber, straw, cork or cardboard.

  • Polystyrene is superior to other packaging materials because it is:
  • Cleaner and resistant to bacterial growth
  • Can be custom but and more visually appealing
  • Lighweight and easy to handle
  • Moisture resistant
  • Less expensive
  • Valued for insulation qualities
  • Recyclable and environmentally responsible

Foamex products used for protective packaging applications:

The versatility and dependability of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) sheets coupled with the resistance to the adverse effects of moisture makes it ideal for cold storage and refrigeration.

The easy handling and simplicity of EPS, keeps construction and installation times to a minimum.

Click here for more information about Styroboard and its application for cold storage.

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