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Insulate yourself, winter is coming!

Now that the sun has almost set on summer, the predictions for the upcoming winter have started to trickle in like the first cool breaths under the door and through the floorboards. But it doesn’t have to be like that. It has been said that Australia is headed for one of the coldest winters on..... Read More

Recycling and reuse across the supply chain for Foamex StyroPod

Did you know that buildings and their users are responsible for almost a quarter of Australia’s greenhouse emissions? The energy embodied in existing buildings in Australia is equivalent to ten years of energy consumption for the nation, and the choice of materials and design principles has a l..... Read More

Expol for Existing Homes

If you have purchased an existing home, there is a good chance you’ve had some changes in mind since you first fell in love with your place. Maybe a lick of paint to brighten up some rooms and the outside? Rip up some carpet and let the floorboards shine through? And when you ripped up the carp..... Read More

Build Better with Foamex StyroPod

The building industry has seen many changes, and evolved many times, in order to find safer and more efficient methods and materials to use. From single to double storey dwellings, wood and stone to concrete, built-onsite to pre-fabricated. Although we are only scraping the tip of the iceberg, all..... Read More

Foamex pledges support for EPSA’s new Pod Code of Practice

At Foamex we’re great supporters and contributors to our industry body, Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA). EPSA is the peak national body for manufacturers and distributors in Australia, and our own General Manager Justin Kelsey is an EPSA Board Member. You can read the revis..... Read More

Top tips on using Foamex Styroboard XPS to theme your Halloween house with oversized props

Love it or hate it, Halloween has been gaining popularity in Australia over the past decade. While many pundits claim this is the work of evil American TV shows and their influence over Australia’s youth, Halloween parties and trick or treating can be great fun. This year, the official Hallowee..... Read More

Polystyrene Recycling

Foamex is dedicated to maintaining a sustainable environment for the next generations. That’s why our manufacturing process has been designed with the environment in mind. At Foamex, all our polystyrene manufacturing waste is recycled or converted into other products. In fact, virtual..... Read More

Foamex EPS at core of Casafico building system finalist nomination in innovation award

Casafico is a Victorian based construction company focused on manufacturing innovative building products with sustainable building practices at the forefront. These sustainable practices include the use of recycled raw materials, utilising locally sourced materials and saving materials from l..... Read More

Slab Structural Integrity with StyroPod

Providing your concrete slabs with structural integrity is vital, and nothing is quicker or more cost-effective than Foamex's StyroPod waffle pods for providing your slabs with insulation and support. According to Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA), expanded polystyrene waffle pods h..... Read More
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