Keep in touch with the latest news from Foamex regarding our products and the latest happenings in the polystyrene manufacturing industry in Australia.

Foamex supports responsible waffle pod practices

As a long-time member of EPSA, Foamex strongly supports recent EPSA messaging regarding the requirements for the safe storage, transportation and onsite management of EPS waffle pods in line with the EPSA code of conduct. At Foamex, we are committed to our environmental pledges and adhere to..... Read More

Shining a light on the sustainable nature of the manufacturing of expanded polystyrene

In the world of building and construction, careful consideration must be given to every element of the build to ensure stringent environmental standards are adhered to. Everything, from the building plans and design through to the very materials used in the build, needs to be examined to ensure i..... Read More

Inventive garage insulation with expanded polystyrene

The reality for many Australian families and homeowners is that a garage is no longer merely a slab of enclosed concrete for storing vehicles and other miscellaneous household items that we don’t want to keep inside our house proper. The humble garage is now a functional, multi-use living space..... Read More

Inventive ways of repurposing EPS

An inside look at efforts by University of Technology Sydney students to find creative ways to repurpose expanded polystyrene. In a recently published article on The Conversation (1), Tom Lee, a lecturer in the Faculty of Design and Architecture Building at the University of Technology Sydne..... Read More

Foamex 'Shapes' Rooftop Green Gardens Into The Future

About 20 years ago, a green roof garden was something of a novelty. Today there are literally hundreds in our major cities, a trend driven by environmental awareness and moves by many local authorities to require such features in major projects. This remarkable growth has brought with it greatly..... Read More

Construction industry favours Australian made EPS solutions

Foamex recently won a $1.4 million contract to supply expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks for the massive West Gate Tunnel Project, which is delivering Melbourne residents with a vital alternative to the West Gate Bridge. Foamex is supplying the major infrastructure project with S Grade Polystyrene..... Read More

Foamex Styroboard XPS contributes to Canberra’s first Passivhaus project

The Jerrabomberra Tennis Facility is a showcase of Passive House (German: Passivhaus) and Low-e technologies encapsulated within a factory pre-fabricated high-performance building.  Laros Technologies completed the tennis facility, affectionately known as the architectural esk..... Read More

Increase the thermal efficiency of metal deck roofing with Foamex PurlinK

Minimising energy usage in buildings has become one of the most widespread goals in the commercial, industrial, and residential construction industries. Efforts to reduce building energy usage are typically focused on the mechanical, electrical, and glazing systems and not the structural system...... Read More

Add insulation from the ground up when building your home

Foamex StyroPod is a faster and more efficient way of building concrete slabs for new homes, extensions or commercial buildings.The diamond patterned waffled pod lies above the surface, as opposed to traditional foundations, which are dug into the earth. The on ground slab creates air pockets which..... Read More
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