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Six unusual ways to use Foamex polystyrene

Polystyrene has been around for nearly 200 years, having first been discovered in 1839 by German apothecary Eduard Simon when he isolated a substance from natural resin. So, there has since been plenty of time to find many different uses for polystyrene. And while there’s plenty of obvious examp..... Read More

Australian-made XPS versus imported XPS

Despite the doom and gloom stories about Australian manufacturing, there is still plenty of local manufacturing taking place in many sectors. While it is true that the manufacturing sector in Australia has been gradually shrinking (the number of manufacturers in Australia has fallen from 96,000 10..... Read More

Unique diamond grid for high strength void former pod design

The unique shape of Foamex's StyroPod has many benefits; not only does it give this waffle pod void former system heightened strength and flexibility, it is also durable, lightweight, and easy to handle. The size and shape of the foam pillars that form the diamond offers optimum support..... Read More

Polystyrene helps to make movie magic

Make up and costumes are all part of creating the theatre of special effects that goes hand in hand with making movies and television. The set and props are also a major feature in creating the right setting and often transporting the viewer into far away lands and times.Polystyrene has long been..... Read More

This Halloween, save a pumpkin!

Disclaimer:Images are for illustrative purposes only as to what can be produced using expanded polystyrene. Foamex does not produce foam carved pumpkins. When you mention ‘Halloween’, most people associate the holiday with being American only, specifically North American. However, while it is c..... Read More

Polystyrene Giant Gorilla Skulls promotes Kong: Skull Island at Melb Train Station

A giant skull made from polystyrene is currently on display at Melbourne's Southern Cross Station for the entire month of March The six metre tall skull is part of a promotion for the new movie Kong: Skull Island. The polystyrene for the six metre skull was supplied to Industrial Carving who we..... Read More

Make a meal of it – growth of prepared meal delivery sector

A quick scan of delivery vans in suburban streets shows the vast array of food businesses who have tapped into the delivery of prepared meals. Lite n’ Easy, Marley Spoon, You Foodz, Menu Log, Fresh Meals 2 u and the list goes on. According to IBIS World research, demand for delivered prepa..... Read More

Mind the Gap – Fill floorboard gaps to keep the hot air out this summer

Did you know that many of the materials used in the construction of your house expand and contract over time due to seasonal changes and moisture levels? And, gaps in your floorboards can occur when wooden floors lose their moisture content due to changes in relative humidity. According to many fl..... Read More

Underfloor Insulation – Keep the heat under your feet

With winter fast approaching, your thoughts are probably turning towards how to keep your house warm, without breaking the bank.  There are many options you could choose. If you are wanting to heat a small room, you could use a portable electric heater. Their efficiency lays in being able to..... Read More
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