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The increasing emphasis on sustainability transforms the way industry players are specifying building materials, including versatile extruded polystyrene sheets. It is common knowledge that the energy-efficiency of a building structure depends on the materials utilised in creating its envelope. Hence, choosing the right insulating material is crucial in achieving the required insulation performance of a building project.

With a track record spanning more than three decades, Foamex remains one of the respected industry leaders responsible for the innovation, creation, and distribution of expanded and extruded polystyrene.

 Product Focus: Styroboard® XPS Versatile Extruded Polystyrene Sheets

Created for Australians by Australians, Styroboard® XPS provides numerous advantages that come from the way the versatile extruded polystyrene sheets are manufactured. Styroboard® is developed through extrusion, a continuous process that produces its unique closed cellular structure. The extrusion process also results in a smooth skin on the top and bottom side of the polystyrene panel. 

The closed cell matrix of versatile extruded polystyrene sheets blocks water from infiltrating through the insulation materials. Hence providing long-term strength, durability, and resistance against vermin attacks, premature deterioration, and rot.

Compressive Strength

Styroboard® XPS is known for its high compressive strength, making it the ideal insulating material for the most challenging applications, such as under slabs, flat roofs, concrete floors, foundations, plaza, cold storages, podium decks, podium decks, roof spaces, green roofs and perimeter insulation. When compared to expanded polystyrene, Styroboard® XPS has a higher compressive strength than expanded polystyrene.

 Thermal Conductivity

Insulation is the proven most practical and cost-efficient method of improving energy-efficiency. By incorporating insulation in newly built or retrofit projects, home and property owners can achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption and costs.

Both extruded and expanded polystyrene have excellent thermal performance, however, the air trapped in the voids on expanded polystyrene serves as a good conductor of heat. In order to match the thermal performance of extruded polystyrene, a much higher density of expanded polystyrene is needed, leading to a greater thickness of board being required. 

High Quality,  Fire Retardant XPS

With a state-of-the-art production facility in Victoria, the versatile extruded polystyrene sheets are reinforced with fire retardant additives. Foamex holds high regard for excellent building products, Styroboard™ XPS is compliant with Australian Standards AS 1366.4 (Rigid Cellular Plastic Sheets for Thermal Insulation, Rigid Cellular Polystyrene – Extruded).

Foamex supplies all their polystyrene products with easy-to-use economic bags, used as storage for the collected polystyrene scraps after site up. The polystyrene powerhouse works closely with industry specifiers to ensure pick up and reuse of scraps to ensure zero wastage and minimise landfill use.

For more information on Styroboard® XPS versatile extruded polystyrene sheets, schedule an appointment with Foamex. Call 02 9773 1655 or visit today.

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