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The Esky is pretty much a standard piece of equipment for every house in Australia. In some families, there may even be an Esky that has been passed down through the generations. You know the one…

While we have all been in contact with one at some point in our lives, very few know about the history of the humble Esky, so here is a brief history our best friend in summer.

Released by Australian company Malleys in 1952, the first generation of Eskys were known as the ‘Esky Auto Box’.

The history of the makers of the Esky dates back to 1884, which appears to have been the same year the first Esky ice box had been manufactured. Which indicates that while the brand had been around for quite some time, it had been keeping a low profile. 

Initially advertised as the smaller version of the Malley’s Eskimo Refrigerator, it wasn’t long until the catchy Esky name was being applied to the top-of-the-line model. 

The release of the Esky came at poignant time when everyday Australians were just beginning to acquire cars, and started taking trips in them. Hence the name ‘Esky Auto Box’. At the time the outer and inner casing was made from metal (Malleys started life in the sheet metal industry) with a layer of cork sheeting for insulation. 

By the 1960’s Malleys claimed that over 500,000 Australian homes had an Esky. esky auto box 1953

By 1984, most of the metal had been replaced with plastic, with only a few metal components, making them far lighter and easier to carry when having to walk long distances from the car. 

The modern Esky takes full advantage of polystyrene thanks to its great thermal qualities in maintaining a consistent temperature once sealed and is unaffected by water.

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