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Foamex StyroBloc expanded polystyrene foam blocks are a versatile alternative popular within the building and construction industry for their ergonomic trademark. Consisting of almost 98% air, EPS blocks are easy to handle, carry, and install, which can help in minimising construction time. It is also an eco-friendly CFC-free material with thermal and acoustic insulation benefits that help conserve energy. This polystyrene is made from fire retardant raw material that automatically ceases when in direct contact with flame.

EPS blocks are commonly used to help stabilise tunnels, bridges, and roads among other structures. Additionally, they are water and temperature resilient, enabling them to defy extreme weights, and even prolonged exposure to the elements while retaining its original form.

Engineers use EPS foam blocks in resolving some safety issues, such as when a railway tunnel underneath the approach roads to the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland suffered from degradation. This case was solved by effectively filling the affected areas using the lightweight polystyrene blocks. The EPS blocks subsequently withstood the rocks above the tunnel.

Foamex provides a wide range of high-quality expanded polystyrene foam blocks, manufactured from our industry leading Styroboard EPS to fit specific requirements of different applications and including refrigeration insulation or decorative architectural profiles. 

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