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A quick scan of delivery vans in suburban streets shows the vast array of food businesses who have tapped into the delivery of prepared meals. Lite n’ Easy, Marley Spoon, You Foodz, Menu Log, Fresh Meals 2 u and the list goes on.

According to IBIS World research, demand for delivered prepared meals has increased over the past five years, as busier lifestyles have reduced the time consumers have to cook for themselves. 

Health consciousness and a growing preference for premium goods has helped boost the appeal of industry products, increasing the popularity of low-fat prepared meals and high-value, pre-cooked and pre-marinated meat varieties. 

Polystyrene boxes are the ideal insulated delivery container for most of the prepared food industry, providing the best insulation for fresh foods that are often left at the doorstep waiting for the homeowner to arrive home from work.

Polystyrene is strong and durable, and capable of absorbing high impacts, making it an extremely capable material for maintaining product integrity during transport. It maintains a consistent temperature once sealed and is unaffected by water, and ideal for delivery to areas where it may be susceptible to weather.

EPS is also lightweight, odourless and non-toxic making it safe for fresh food.

A wide size and density range of produce packaging is available and Foamex can custom design and create packaging for your specific needs.

NB: StyraPak EPS boxes are available to order in VIC, SA & QLD, with delivery Australia wide. 

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