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The reality for many Australian families and homeowners is that a garage is no longer merely a slab of enclosed concrete for storing vehicles and other miscellaneous household items that we don’t want to keep inside our house proper.

The humble garage is now a functional, multi-use living space in many Aussie homes. It can double as a gym, a home office, a man cave, a workshop, an indoor golf practice facility, a rumpus room, or a spare bedroom. It can house billiard tables and pool tables, washing machines, second refrigerators, and homebrew kits.

As the way we use our garages changes, so too does the amount of time we spend in them. As such, it is no longer acceptable for our garages to be so susceptible to the at-times harsh Australian climate – whether it’s steaming in summer or freezing in winter. Like the rest of the home, the garage is now a functional space, so it needs to be suitably insulated like the other functional areas in our homes.

EPS for garage door insulation

One of the many enviable qualities that make Foamex’s Styroboard expanded polystyrene (EPS) a great, highly versatile product for the building and construction industry is its insulation characteristics. Couple that with its lightweight yet durable nature and the fact that it is more energy efficient and environmentally conscious than traditional building methods and it is easy to see why EPS has become a widely used, sustainable alternative in the building and construction industry.

With these inherent qualities and the fact that it is cost-efficient and can be cut to suit specific shapes and sizes for various applications, Styroboard EPS can be used to cost-effectively insulate garages by being applied to the inside side of the garage roller door.

StyroSheet expanded polystyrene sheets, which are available in a range of thicknesses from 10mm to 600mm, can also help to insulate your garage from street noise and other external noise, which could prove a distraction if your garage doubles as a home office.

DIY in time for summer

With another sizzling Aussie summer just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to consider a cost-effective way to insulate your garage before temperatures really start to soar. By insulating your garage door with StyroSheet, you will not only increase the thermal comfort of your garage, you’ll also reduce the price of your energy bills.

If you are interested in learning more about how Foamex Styroboard EPS can be used to insulate your garage door, contact your local Foamex salesoffice. We can supply you with all the required EPS products – cut precisely to the dimensions needed – to successfully complete this creative DIY job in time for summer.

A nationally recognised Australian leader in polystyrene production and a member of the EPSA, Foamex produces a range of foam products for a number of applications, including expanded polystyrene sheets and blocks, extruded polystyrene sheets, roof, ceiling, wall, slab and underfloor insulation. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company with branches across Australia.

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