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The use of building materials has changed from one material to another over time thanks to ongoing technological advancements. This has led to the production and use of polystyrene blocks in building construction. 

One of the most important properties of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) as a building product is its resistance to compressive stresses, which increase as the density becomes higher. [1]

The compressive strength of expanded polystyrene is high which has been confirmed in numerous studies and reports. Specifically, the findings of a 2013 study on the compressive strength of expanded polystyrene via axial loading[2] revealed, “that the strength of an expanded polystyrene slab is good and can carry both the dead and live load of a building which is basically what every building should strive for.”.”

 The findings also indicated that the compressive strength of expanded polystyrene block either through axial loading or crushing was high which means that it is a good material to specify in the construction industry as it meets the basic requirements of building material.

The lightweight nature of polystyrene can sometimes be deceiving when considering its compressive strength, however expanded polystyrene is lightweight and extremely strong.

It’s important to ensure that materials have adequate compressive strength to withstand day-to-day loads, yet going too high can mean a dramatic cost increase for very little – if any – gain.


[2] Assessment Of The Strength Properties Of Polystyrene Material Used In Building Construction In Mbora District Of Abuja,Nigeria, International Journal of Engineering Research and Development, e-ISSN: 2278-067X, p-ISSN: 2278-800X,, Volume 6, Issue 12 (May 2013), PP. 80-84

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