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At Foamex we’re great supporters and contributors to our industry body, Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA). EPSA is the peak national body for manufacturers and distributors in Australia, and our own General Manager Justin Kelsey is an EPSA Board Member.

You can read the revised code, now known as the 2019/20 Airpop Pod Code of Conduct, on the EPSA website. For those not familiar with the name, Airpop is the product descriptor that is now being used throughout Europe for EPS, the term Airpop and is also being adopted in Australia.

At Foamex we’ve been instrumental in developing this code, and unsurprisingly we already adhere to the requirements set out in it. We’re fully committed to maintaining professional standards in the EPS industry, as well as leading the industry in our commitment to environmental impacts. 

Why the EPSA guidelines matter

 The EPSA guidelines set out the industry best-practice for the safe storage, transportation and onsite management of EPS waffle pods. For EPS suppliers like Foamex, the guidelines include:

  • Conduct reasonable due diligence about product usage and storage on destination building site to ensure product will be safe and secure.

  • Be aware of the weather on planned date of delivery and avoid having drops on days of high wind.

  • Deliver goods and bags for clean up on site and secure product in place upon delivery by approved tie down method.

  • Tie down in smaller packs on windy days to avoid product lift-off.

  • Take photos after delivery to site to retain as proof that delivery has been made to Airpop Pod code of practice.


Our process for ensuring that Pods are secure onsite

Our Foamex StyroPod waffle pods are delivered to construction sites tightly wrapped together with plastic shrink wrap. They are then further secured on site using netting over the top and all sides, which is then attached to pegs in the ground to minimise the risk of blow-away and damage.

Additionally, every StyroPod order is delivered with bags to store off-cuts and left-over polystyrene. We pick up polystyrene waste from construction sites if required and return them to our manufacturing facility for recycling into new EPS products.

Working with our customers

Of course, we cannot control how customers manage waffle pods on-site during construction, but we do work with our customers to educate them about correct product use and waste disposal of Foamex EPS products.


Your polystyrene insulation experts

A long-serving member of EPSA, Foamex been supplying high quality polystyrene solutions to the Australian market for more than 35 years. We collaborate with builders, engineers, architects, designers, and specifiers to serve their insulation needs.

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