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Expanded polystyrene is one of the most versatile and cost-effective materials for both packaging and building/construction applications due to it being lightweight, easy to handle, durable, strong, flexible, and recyclable.

Foamex recently completed a job that demonstrates just how creative they can get with polystyrene foam. Hunter Lab, a premium Melbourne-based all-natural skin care brand for men, was organising a product launch event at the Jackalope Hotel & Winery on the Mornington Peninsula and required signage for the event.

Being a luxury, experiential brand, Hunter Lab sought a signage solution that would exude the prestige that’s synonymous with the brand. The launch event would be attended by 50 VIPs, including Hunter Lab’s brand influencers.

Having previously engaged Foamex to deliver other inventive polystyrene solutions such as point of sales collateral, gift set packaging, selling kits for sales managers, as well as CNC cutting the shape of their product bottles, Hunter Lab tasked the Foamex team with researching, designing and delivering stunning signage for the launch event. The signage required a high-end finish to support the premium positioning of the Hunter Lab brand and to help sell the event.

Finding the Foamex solution 

Justin Kelsey, General Manager at Foamex, worked in consultation with a regular external supplier, Geelong-based Resi-Plex Plastics, to deliver the right solution for Hunter Lab. Resi-Plex Plastics specialises in PVC CNC cut mirrored finished lettering and custom cuts.

The solution involved installing a silver, mirror-like reflective backing (attached to a PVC plastic facing), then attaching that lightweight plating to the face of the CNC cut polystyrene lettering of the Hunter Lab logo. The result was nothing short of stunning – a metallic, reflective finish that made the signage look like stainless steel as opposed to the polystyrene that it was.

“Resi-Plex supplied the mirrored space for the lettering, the client supplied the file and we worked closely with Resi-Plex to make sure that we were cutting to the same file,” Kelsey explains. “The end result was good – almost an identical match in terms of the lettering that we were able to produce and the mirrored finish that Resi-Plex did. So it came together quite nicely.” 

“The additional material, it's almost like a mirror,” explains Kelsey. “This job saw us take that silver reflective backing and put it on a PVC plastic facing. It’s lightweight, you can CNC cut it, and it’s almost like you’ve got a mirror cut out of a letter.”

Foamex exceed expectations while meeting tight deadline 

Elliot Waldron, General Manager of Hunter Lab, says partnering with Foamex for this job was a no-brainer due to the existing mutually beneficial working relationship between the two companies.

“It was quite last minute,” Waldron admits. “It was about a week and a half and their turnaround was amazing. We briefed Justin on what we wanted to do and he came back with some ideas. It was collaborative; we landed with both of us seeing something similar. He got it done for us very quickly.

“I’m really happy with the outcome; it looked incredible. It was a huge hit on the day, everyone loved it. We've got hundreds of photos of our influencers and key opinion makers in front of the sign and it was a big hit. It went off without a hitch and was great.”

Partnering with Hunter Lab validated Foamex’s position as a trusted supplier capable of delivering great work short to deadlines and exacting standards and is testament to Foamex’s capacity to deliver innovative solutions for clients.

“They’re great to work with and have helped us along our journey,” Waldron says of Foamex. “They’re innovative and aftermarket. We got another quote from another company to do [the product launch job] and Foamex were half the price. So they’re really cost-effective too.”

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