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Rigid underfloor insulation panels are seeing a rise in demand in the Australian building and construction industry. As one of the industry leaders specializing in the development of polystyrene products, Foamex designed Expol™ rigid underfloor insulation panels to provide continuous protection for homeowners against extreme outdoor temperatures.

For 36 years, Foamex has provided a multifaceted range of polystyrene products across the Australian market, allowing them to build a formidable working relationship with major industry specifiers. The team positions Expol™ as the material of choice for residential and commercial applications, as it inhibits heat to enter from outside during summer while maintaining convective heat in winter. By using polystyrene underfloor insulation, homeowners can cut an estimated 12% on energy costs, while still enjoying a warm and comfortable indoor climate.

Expol™ polystyrene underfloor insulation is suitable to use for both newly built and retrofit projects. It is cut concertina-style on both sides of the panel to provide compression of up to 20mm, making it easy to install and fit snugly between floor joists. The polystyrene underfloor insulation panels are reinforced with its unique closed cellular physical structure known for its flexibility, dimensional stability, long-term thermal performance, and excellent compressive strengths. Expol™ is also water resistant, a factor helpful in preventing premature structural degradation, as well as inhibiting the growth and proliferation of bacteria and mould.

The polystyrene underfloor insulation panels measure 1.2 meters long with a thickness of 60mm that easily fit between most standard joists. All Expol™ rigid underfloor insulation panels are manufactured in the following standard widths:

●        360: 1200 x 360 x 60mm

●        410: 1200 x 410 x 60mm

●        470: 1200 x 470 x 60mm

●        560: 1200 x 560 x 60mm

For its thermal performance, Expol™ rigid underfloor insulation panels have a minimum R-value of 1.4 and comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4859.1:2002. Expol™ is recognized by BRANZ (Appraisal No. 256) and comes with a 50-year limited product warranty.

For more information on Expol™ rigid underfloor insulation panels, its installation and other polystyrene products, contact us today.

 Article originally published by SpecNet.

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