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Did you know that concrete is one of the world’s most widely used building materials, and has literally been used for thousands of years? During the 700 years of The Roman Empire, concrete was used extensively, with many structures still surviving today.

But it wasn’t until the 1850s that reinforced concrete was developed in both Europe and the US, and more recently the concrete slab became a staple building technique in the post World War II building boom.

In more recent years, reinforced concrete slabs have benefited from the use of polystyrene, which has led to innovations like Foamex’s Diamond Pod product. According to Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA), expanded polystyrene waffle pods have contributed to a revolution in slab construction methods, enabling stronger, better-engineered slabs to be constructed faster and cost-effectively over traditional methods.

The advantages of polystyrene

The use of polystyrene has a range of advantages:

    1. With Diamond Pods in the foundations, you don’t need to pour as much concrete. This not only saves money, but it’s also better for the environment because it means less concrete is used, less energy is used, and less ready-mix concrete trucks on the road.


    1. Unlike traditional slab reinforcement, Diamond Pods can be laid in any weather as minimal earthwork is required for waffle pod slabs and trenches are not needed. Trenches used in traditional concrete jobs are at risk of filling up with water during inclement weather, taking additional time and cost to remove the water before concrete can be poured. This means that the pouring of concrete doesn’t hold up other trades on a building site. And time is money, as the saying goes.


  1. Foamex Diamond Pods also achieve a higher level of insulation through the natural air pockets in the expanded polystyrene and the moulded cells within the waffle pod design. A better insulated home means less reliance on electric heating and cooling methods.

On the construction site

On a building site, expanded polystyrene blocks have several more advantages. They are lightweight and easy to handle, thereby reducing labour requirement. There is also less environmental disturbance as the slab sits on the site and not in the ground, which also saves on labour time and costs.

Plus, the size and shape of Foamex Diamond Pods offer optimal support for foot traffic during construction, which means it can be walked over when setting up for the concrete pour and during the actual pour.

At Foamex, we are committed to our environmental pledges. So with every order we provide bags for off-cuts and polystyrene that is left over. And if required, we will pick up off-cuts from a construction site and take them back to our premises for repurposing back into our manufacturing process.

We supply lock-in spacers to clients to ensure that our pods are covered and tied down on site to stop them from blowing away. We’re also serious about on-site safety, and as such our Diamond Pods are manufactured using a fire-retardant grade raw material to significantly reduce the risk of fire during the construction phase and beyond.

Foamex Diamond Pods are an Australian made, lightweight polystyrene waffle pod void former ideal for use in concrete slabs during the building & construction process. Find out more about our Diamond Pod Void Formers now, or contact us for more information.


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