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As a committed member of Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA), Foamex developed the Diamond Pods® lightweight polystyrene waffle pods as an alternative solution to the traditional void former system for under concrete slab insulation and construction. In comparison with traditional pours, the lightweight polystyrene waffle pods produce superior insulation suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The expanded polystyrene used in the production of Diamond Pods® contains natural air pockets which effectively inhibits heat transfer to and from the system. Foamex takes the insulation power up a notch by integrating moulded cells within the unique design of the lightweight polystyrene waffle pods. With a long-term R-value of R1.0 (W/mK thermal resistance), the under concrete slab insulation material is able to maintain a year-round comfortable indoor temperature.

How Lightweight Polystyrene Waffle Pods Changes the Built Environment?

Foamex breaks down the major benefits of using Diamond Pods®:

Structural Stability and Support

Traditional concrete slabs are known to contract and expand as a result of thermal changes, humidity, and weather. The expanded polystyrene that makes up Diamond Pods® is composed of millions of tiny closed cellular structures that provides dimensional stability, strength, as well as resistance to water, vapour, vermin and rodents. The under concrete slab insulation material is able to maintain its structure even after prolonged exposure to water and other natural elements.

Diamond Pods® is flexible enough to move with the building, absorb the pressure of the heave without breaking down. This process allows the building structure to breathe while leaving the slab structurally intact.

High Thermal Value

Using lightweight polystyrene waffle pods ensure a long-lasting, high R-value of up to R1.0 (W/mK Thermal Resistance), which consequently lowers overall thermal costs and energy consumption by keeping the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Lightweight and Easy To Handle

Using lightweight polystyrene waffle pods save on valuable construction time. With its lightweight property, Diamond Pods® are easy to transfer, handle, and install. It is also versatile and can be used with any bracket and steel reinforcing mesh systems for maximum strength and high-quality support.

Also, Diamond Pods® requires minimal earthworks as there are no internal trenches to dig. The innovative size and shape of the under concrete slab insulation accommodates foot traffic during and after construction. It effectively supports weight by spreading the load across a minimum of four support pillars.


Foamex utilises a unique and advanced technology called the Minuteman Diamond Pod Machine that produces the pods without using water. furthermore, the lightweight polystyrene waffle pods offer remarkable value in expediting under concrete slab insulation and construction, while reducing costs through fast installation and less need for concrete.

Foamex strives to improve the built environment by providing cost-effective and sustainable building and construction materials in Australia. For more details on Diamond Pods® lightweight polystyrene waffle pods, contact your local Foamex state office today.

Article originally published by SpecNet.

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