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Polystyrene has long been regarded as the ideal choice for packaging material due to its light weight and thermal insulation properties – coupled with the ability to custom mould to fit. Expanded polystyrene is the ideal inexpensive, lightweight packaging material, making it not only an economical way to pack products but also to transport products. The use of polystyrene for packaging for goods has seen the cost of packaging and transportation significantly reduced. This is because the energy required to manufacture and transport EPS is much less than conventional packaging materials such as timber, straw, cork or cardboard. 

The benefits of polystyrene packaging are numerous:

  • Superior insulation which protects produce from temperature changes
  • Dimensional stability and recovery
  • Light weight and easy to stack
  • Water resistant
  • Ideal for hydro cooling
  • Excellent shock absorption qualities
  • Resistant to bacterial growth
  • More visually appealing to customers
  • Easier to handle
  • Less expensive
  • Environmentally sound & recyclable

A wide size and density range of produce packaging is available and Foamex can custom design and create packaging for your specific needs.

Please check with your state sales representative on available options.

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