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Foamex Polystyrene is continually leading the way in developing innovative, green building products that deliver superior performance and strength, and Styroboard XPS is a testament to this innovation. 

Foamex’s Styroboard XPS is 100% Australian made and produced on extruding machines in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Victoria. With Styroboard XPS you can be guaranteed of the high quality, strength and durability of these polystyrene boards.

Due to its high compressive strength and superior thermal performance, Styroboard XPS has long been the material of choice for home builders, architects and specifiers across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. A strong, yet lightweight and flexible insulation solution, Styroboard XPS is resistant to water absorption and maintains its its thermal and physical properties, even in inclement weather, making it a perfectly robust building material.

Styroboard XPS is produced with no refrigerants and is HCFC free, making it a truly green building product. With Styroboard XPS you can reduce fluctuations and limit external temperature influences, meaning less need for reliance on air-conditioning and electricity.

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