A well insulated home is key to improving your energy efficiency as there is much less reliance on heating and cooling appliances, which saves you money and helps the environment. 

While the best time to insulate your home is during construction, this does not help the thousands of existing home owners faced with managing the heat and cold in our country's climate extremes. Given Australia's prevelance in the past of constructing homes with little to no insulation, it's no surprise that many homeowners are reliant upon heating and cooling appliances. Fortunately, Foamex provides a range of EPS insulation products that can be used in the construction of your new home, as well as retrofitted to existing homes, to help make your home comfortable year-round. 

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Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor insulation is an ideal way to reduce the amount of heat escaping your home in winter, and also entering your home in summer through the floorboards. Insulating under your floors makes your home more energy efficient and comfortable.

Expol Underfloor Insulation by Foamex has been proven to protect your home from extremes in temperature. The concertina cut, EPS panels fit snugly between the joists in your floor to provide excellent thermal performance. It is fire retardant, moisture resistant and provides no nutritional value to the critters that can live under your house.

Expol can be installed to the flooring in new homes during construction, or retrofitted to existing homes with wooden flooring, including pole style houses. It can be easily self-installed as detailed instructions are provided with each bag. And, all leftovers are 100% recyclable.

Available from Foamex direct, or you can locate your closest Expol stockist here.

Garage Door Insulation

Garages are no longer merely a slab of exposed concrete for storing vehicles and other miscellaneous household items. Today they are a multi-purpose room that could house a home gym, a workshop, rumpus room or even a man cave. As these rooms become a functional space, many homeowners are looking for ways to address insulation, so this room does not suffer the effects of our climate – steaming in summer or freezing in winter.

StyroSheet EPS sheets are an ideal insulation material for panel glide garage doors, providing protection from noise and extremes in temperature. Insulating your garage door not only provides you with a functional new room in your house, it also helps make your home more energy efficient. 

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