Due to their excellent thermal properties, lightweight nature and cost-effectiveness, EPS blocks have helped revolutionise geotechnical applications across both the civil engineering and landscaping industries.

A durable and high performing void fill alternative, GeoFoamX by Foamex has been specifically engineered for a wide range of geotechnical applications. The high quality and strength to weight ratio of our EPS blocks means GeoFoamX surpasses the performance of traditional fills, making it a versatile, dependable and safe product.

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Retaining Walls & Embankments

Ideal for use in commercial, retail and residential landscaping applications, GeoFoamX provides a cost effective and lightweight fill material for a range of retaining wall constructions and side hills. The EPS blocks can assist with stabilisation of slopes and reduce lateral pressures and the chance of landslides.

Dimensionally stable and relatively inert, GeoFoamX does not provide any nutritional value for animals and does not break down, so it won’t spread into surrounding soil and cause pollution.

Bridge Abutments & Lightweight Roads

As a void fill solution for bridge abutments and lightweight roads, GeoFoamX will provide you with control over costs and timings of your geotechnical project. The EPS blocks can be laid in any weather and being light in weight, they are relatively easy to transport. Once they arrive on site, they’re ready for installation, meaning no hold ups to your project.

GeoFoamX is an ideal replacement for heavy fill materials traditionally used on lightweight roads and bridge abutments as sub-grade or foundation insulation. Furthermore, the expanded polystyrene blocks can reduce soil movement as well as safely support heavy traffic loads without overstressing underlying soil.

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