Providing durability and excellent thermal properties, polystyrene often outperforms other insulation products in cold storage applications.

Dimensionally stable and relatively inert, Foamex polystyrene products can easily handle the extreme cold temperatures, large amounts of moisture and often heavy load bearing requirements of cold storage.

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Coolroom Insulation

Styroboard EPS expanded polystyrene sheets can be utilised as wall insulation during the construction of cool rooms in small supermarkets right through to large commercial cold storage facilities. Offering a variety of compression strengths, Foamex expanded polystyrene sheets can be cut to suit your specific requirements.

Styroboard XPS extruded polystyrene sheets are an ideal solution for insulating coolroom floors. With a remarkable compressive strength and being practically impervious to water, these extruded polystyrene sheets can easily cope with heavy loads from stored products, as well as adjust to uneven surfaces under pressure from vehicles.

Refrigerated Transport Insulation

With its high thermal properties and impressive strength to weight ratio, Styroboard XPS extruded polystyrene makes for an excellent insulation choice for refrigerated trucks. The durability and light weight of the extruded polystyrene sheets ensures a refrigerated truck not only lasts but also provides an economical advantage, minimising transportation costs and effects on the environment.

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