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Why home insulation matters all year round


It’s common knowledge that living expenses are not just high, but getting higher. Everything from running your car (petrol and insurance I’m looking at you) to the dreaded energy bill every quarter. That’s why households everywhere are trying to find ways in which money can be saved on everyday utilities and costs. 

The main culprits that draw shivers of fear when considered being used are the humble air conditioner or heater. Found lurking in the darkest corners of your room or mounted chameleon-like on walls, when turned on you can swear you hear your money being drained from your bank account to the rhythm of their warm or cooling breath.  It’s for this reason home insulation is vitally important all year round. 

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Reduce the risk of foundation damage

diamond pods

Foamex Diamond Pods are specifically designed for the residential, commercial and industrial construction market. Their revolutionary design reduces costs for concrete pouring and saves time in the laying of the foundation. But more than this, it also reduces the risk of future foundation damage. 

Concrete slabs can crack and move within the soil as a result of heat, humidity and wet weather. A flow on affect are the tell-tale signs of a cracked foundation, such as cracked walls and doors not closing properly. If left untreated for too long, repair work and costs can grow exponentially. 

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SPASA Pool and Spa Expo 2017

Foamex is thrilled to have be involved in the design of the Show Garden for SPASA Pool & Spa Expo + Outdoor Living. Below is feedback from the SPASA organisers and a video of the display itself.

"This display would not have been possible without your support, time and effort. It is an incredibly busy time of year and we greatly appreciate each and everything your company has done to make the Show Garden possible. 

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Polystyrene Giant Gorilla Skulls promotes Kong: Skull Island at Melb Train Station

kong skull island
FoamexEPSGorilla Jaw 02
FoamexEPSGorilla Skull Progress 05

A giant skull made from polystyrene is currently on display at Melbourne's Southern Cross Station for the entire month of March

The six metre tall skull is part of a promotion for the new movie Kong: Skull Island. The polystyrene for the six metre skull was supplied to Industrial Carving who were working for te advertising agency charged with promoting the movie.  

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High compressive strength of polystyrene confirmed

B2ap3 Thumbnail Confirmed Strength EPS

The use of building materials has changed from one material to another over time thanks to ongoing technological advancements. This has led to the production and use of polystyrene blocks in building construction. 

One of the most important properties of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) as a building product is its resistance to compressive stresses, which increase as the density becomes higher. [1]

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Expanded polystyrene recovery, recycling and reuse

B2ap3 Thumbnail Expanded Polystyrene Recovery Recycling Reuse

In Australia, approximately 45,0001 tonnes of expanded polystyrene (EPS) is produced and used each year. 

Much of this EPS is embedded in long-term use, such as waffle pods used in housing construction, EPS blocks for road embankments, and in engineering/manufacturing components. 

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The forgotten art of style – polystyrene architectural mouldings

B2ap3 Thumbnail Architectural Moulding05

With most new builds and renovation projects use rendering to give a modern finish to your home, architectural mouldings can add a welcoming layer of style, class and curb appeal to your home’s exterior.

Architectural mouldings can provide a design focal point by contouring or outlining edges and surfaces such as a cornice, architrave, capital, arch, base, or jamb. The surface of a moulding is modelled with recesses and reliefs, which either maintain a constant profile or are set in rhythmically repeated patterns. 

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Sustainable home construction and polystyrene

B2ap3 Thumbnail Sustainable Home Construction And Polystyrene

The aim of sustainable home construction is to create a comfortable home with low impact on the environment which is economical to run, healthier to live in, and adaptable to your changing needs. 

Sustainable home design and construction has put a new emphasis on the use and benefits of expanded polystyrene insulated homes.  The demand for more efficient, energy saving and sustainable homes has led to great innovations using expanded polystyrene.

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Foamex oversized lettering joins the Christmas Light Show

B2ap3 Thumbnail IMG 8652
Polystyrene Christmas Lettering

Lights to music, lights that can be seen from planes and displays that eclipse suburbs as cars queue to watch their kids’ faces see Santa and his reindeer come to life. Light shows in suburban neighbours at this time of year put the Griswold’s Christmas to shame.

A very clever and creative Foamex customer has made 3D lettering from polystyrene blocks and made it part of their annual Christmas light show.

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Mind the Gap – Fill floorboard gaps to keep the hot air out this summer

Expol 0306

Did you know that many of the materials used in the construction of your house expand and contract over time due to seasonal changes and moisture levels? And, gaps in your floorboards can occur when wooden floors lose their moisture content due to changes in relative humidity. According to many floorboard manufacturers and installers, substantial gapping in the floorboards is a result of flooring that was installed during periods of higher humidity or simply age. 

Regardless of the reason why the gaps are there, for many homeowners they are the cause of substantial heating or cooling loss.

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Foamex Expanded Polystyrene helps wall system achieve highest BAL rating

B2ap3 Thumbnail BAL Ratings

Unfortunately, many Australian homes are in areas prone to bushfire attack, and these homes and property are rated in terms of Bushfire Attack Levels, which in turn set minimum building guidelines. These guidelines are intended to reduce the risk of loss of life or damage to property in bushfire prone areas.

There are 6 bushfire attack levels in total, these are:

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Foamex EPS at core of Casafico building system finalist nomination in innovation award

B2ap3 Thumbnail Polystat Wall System With Foamex EPS

Casafico is a Victorian based construction company focused on manufacturing innovative building products with sustainable building practices at the forefront. These sustainable practices include the use of recycled raw materials, utilising locally sourced materials and saving materials from landfill. For over eight years, Casafico have been using Foamex recycled polystyrene in its coating formulations. Over the last 12 years, this practice has saved over 5,700 cubic metres of polystyrene from landfill.

Casafico have recently launched the Polystat Wall construction system, a pre-fabricated wall system that uses Foamex expanded polystyrene as the core of this innovation construction system.  The use of EPS in between the steel framework helps give the Polystat wall system 90/90/90-minute fire rating and the thermal efficiency is 4.17R -Value on all external walls.

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Top tips on using Foamex Styroboard XPS to theme your Halloween house with oversized props

B2ap3 Thumbnail Halloween003

Love it or hate it, Halloween has been gaining popularity in Australia over the past decade. While many pundits claim this is the work of evil American TV shows and their influence over Australia’s youth, Halloween parties and trick or treating can be great fun.

This year, the official Halloween night falls on a Monday, which can limit the trick or treating or parties being held, but that shouldn’t really stop you from enjoying Halloween perhaps a few days early.

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Recycling and Reuse across the supply chain for Foamex Diamond Pods

B2ap3 Thumbnail Constrution Demolition Waste 3
Constrution Demolition waste 2
constrution Demolition waste 4
Constrution Demolition waste

Did you know that buildings and their users are responsible for almost a quarter of Australia’s greenhouse emissions?

The energy embodied in existing buildings in Australia is equivalent to ten years of energy consumption for the nation, and the choice of materials and design principles has a large, but previously unrecognised, impact on the energy required to construct a building. 

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Smart living: Can EPS be part of a 9-star house solution?

B2ap3 Thumbnail 9 Star House Ratings

In 2011, Australia’s first 9-star energy rated house, , was built. Winner of the 2011 BPN Sustainability Award, the house, located in Melbourne, used a range of insulation smarts to achieve the high level thermal comfort needed to be rated at a 9-stars.

What is a 9-star energy rated house? 

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Styroboard blocks for road embankments

B2ap3 Thumbnail Road Embankment Foamex EPS

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) blocks may be used as a light fill material in road embankments or behind retaining structures in order to solve both stability and settlement problems due to soft subsoil conditions.   

Expanded Polystyrene blocks have been used in construction and building projects for over forty years, with uses ranging from civil engineering applications such as bridges, roads, and carparks, through to wall insulation in residential and commercial buildings, including cold storage. 

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Port of Melbourne Project uses Foamex EPS Blocks to deliver lightweight fill solution

B2ap3 Thumbnail Geo Foam Block1
B2ap3 Thumbnail DSC03784 Small3

The Port of Melbourne Port Capacity Project is redeveloping Webb Dock to be able to operate as an international container handling facility. The project, with an estimated cost of $1.6 billion, includes construction of new roads to Webb Dock Drive and Kooringa Way located below the West Gate Bridge. 

An early part of the road project was to upgrade the pipe works beneath the road. Before the roads could be constructed, the project identified that a lightweight fill, layered on top of the pipes, would provide the best protection from the volume and weight of the traffic that would use these roads.

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Foamex Diamond Pods Offer Quick Build Solution for Granny Flats

Foamex Diamond Pods Offer Quick Build Solution for Granny Flats

More and more home owners are discovering the benefits of secondary dwellings on their properties, creating a large market for builders able to meet the unique challenges.

Granny flats, once a flat roofed single room structure, have changed immensely as the demand for them increases. While a granny flat can be to meet the changing needs of your family, it can also be a clever investment strategy. Rental prices across Sydney show that rentals for granny flats are at $300 to $700-plus per week.

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Foamex 'Shapes' Rooftop Green Gardens Into The Future

Foamex 'Shapes' Rooftop Green Gardens Into The Future

About 20 years ago, a green roof garden was something of a novelty. Today there are literally hundreds in our major cities, a trend driven by environmental awareness and moves by many local authorities to require such features in major projects.

This remarkable growth has brought with it greatly improved expertise in the area; making it more than just 'gardening in the sky'. Key to the success of a roof top garden, is the long term interaction of the garden with the building; including critical issues such as drainage, stability, waterproofing and insulation.

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Weigh Up The Savings Of Building With Lightweight Construction Materials

Weigh Up The Savings Of Building With Lightweight Construction Materials

The benefits of building with lightweight construction materials may seem obvious but it really is worth looking closely at the differences that can be achieved in ease and speed of construction, cost savings, and results.

Top Benefits Of Building With Lightweight MaterialsReduced building costMuch faster constructionDesign flexibility, especially on difficult sitesReduced transport costsLower on-site labour and handling costsBetter for limited access sitesStrong environmental, acoustic and thermal qualitiesEnergy efficiency

Polystyrene building products have played an important role over the years in areas of Australian construction, ranging from essential energy saving insulation applications to superb finishing results that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with any other material.

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