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Why polystyrene is still the best for protective packaging?

Why polystyrene is still the best for protective packaging?

Polystyrene has been the material of choice for protective packaging for many years due to its inherent qualities that make it ideal to protect goods in transit and storage.

Polystyrene Protective Packaging

Polystyrene is strong and durable and capable of absorbing high impacts, making it an extremely capable material for maintaining product integrity when used as packaging. Polystyrene is also ideal for shipping and moving fresh produce, maintaining a consistent temperature and being unaffected by contact with water or melting ice. These insulating qualities of polystyrene packaging also protect against any sudden temperature drop, such as when being physically transported from the cool room to the final destination.

To protect your goods or produce during shipping or storage and to maintain consistent temperature, protective polystyrene packaging from Foamex is the ideal choice. Contact Foamex today to discuss your protective packaging needs.

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