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Why home insulation matters all year round

Why home insulation matters all year round

It’s common knowledge that living expenses are not just high, but getting higher. Everything from running your car (petrol and insurance I’m looking at you) to the dreaded energy bill every quarter. That’s why households everywhere are trying to find ways in which money can be saved on everyday utilities and costs. 

The main culprits that draw shivers of fear when considered being used are the humble air conditioner or heater. Found lurking in the darkest corners of your room or mounted chameleon-like on walls, when turned on you can swear you hear your money being drained from your bank account to the rhythm of their warm or cooling breath.  It’s for this reason home insulation is vitally important all year round. 

Advances in home building technology have seen Polystyrene become a preferred material for home insulation. What makes this material ideal? Polystyrene is known to be a low thermal conductor, meaning its composite make-up is perfect for keeping you warm in winter, cool in summer and everything in between. 

Foamex offers two products ideal for insulating your home all year round; Expol for underfloor insulation and Styroboard EPS for walls

Expol Underfloor is specifically designed to be retro-fitted in to existing houses, and for installation in to your new home. Fitted snugly between floor joists, Expol Underfloor effectively keeps heat from creeping in during summer, or leaking out during winter. 

Styroboard EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Sheets) is a versatile product that currently has commercial and residential applications. Weather resistant with excellent thermal insulation properties, it’s ideal for use in walls, ceilings and flat or inverted roofs. 

Our products are so effective they can save you up to 12% on your heating bills.

If you still need convincing that Polystyrene is the right insulation for your home, just think back to a time you were at a winter sporting event all rugged up sipping a hot beverage from a thermos. Or taking a moments’ reprieve from the sweltering heat in a bottle shop cool room on your way to a BBQ. Both are insulated with Polystyrene. 


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