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What happens to Expol in the case of a fire?

Expol underfloor insulation

This is one question we get asked about a lot by our customers, and in light of recent overseas events, it is an important one.

EXPOL Underfloor Insulation has a fire retardant component built into every panel; which means when the panels are exposed to a small flame source, they will shrink away from the naked flame. When the flame is completely removed or extinguished, so too will the EXPOL underfloor insulation. So Expol does not add fuel to the fire.

Foamex has been supplying polystyrene for insulation material to the building and construction industry for over 30 years, and fully warrants its product to have a fire retardant additive polymerised into the raw material formulation. 

Some local EPS manufacturers choose not to build this important safety feature into their products as it represents an additional cost at the point of manufacture, so it’s important to ask this question before making a purchasing decision. 

All expanded polystyrene building products supplied by Foamex have this feature built into the core of every bead, so you can rest assure that any EXPOL branded products you install in your home will have the fire retardant self-extinguishing property as a standard.

Consisting mainly of stabilised air, polystyrene is a natural insulator against temperature, making it an ideal insulation material. Expol Underfloor Insulation can be used to insulate your home in winter, to keep the heat in and stop the cold drafts that come up through the floorboards.

Use our online calculator to work out your pack requirements, or find your closest Expol stockist now.


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