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Weigh Up The Savings Of Building With Lightweight Construction Materials

Weigh Up The Savings Of Building With Lightweight Construction Materials

The benefits of building with lightweight construction materials may seem obvious but it really is worth looking closely at the differences that can be achieved in ease and speed of construction, cost savings, and results.

Top Benefits Of Building With Lightweight Materials

  • Reduced building cost
  • Much faster construction
  • Design flexibility, especially on difficult sites
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Lower on-site labour and handling costs
  • Better for limited access sites
  • Strong environmental, acoustic and thermal qualities
  • Energy efficiency

Polystyrene building products have played an important role over the years in areas of Australian construction, ranging from essential energy saving insulation applications to superb finishing results that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with any other material.

Polystyrene's insulation qualities also play an important role in allowing the use of other lightweight building materials, thus achieving major savings in an overall project.

One example is expanded polystyrene's thermal efficiency when compared to brick veneer measured by the 'R-value' or thermal resistance of the two materials.

On the Australian Government’s Your Home website, traditional brick veneer walls offer R-value of 0.45 which does not meet the recommended levels of thermal resistance. Use of expanded polystyrene which has an R-value of up to 2.78 can help achieve maximum insulation results with lightweight wall materials.

This is where polystyrene’s lightweight and low cost qualities really come to the forefront. It truly allows you to achieve a finish that may be impossible, impractical or unaffordable with other materials.

Foamex Expanded Polystyrene Blocks and Shapes have been used by clever designers in some of the most outstanding frontages in Australia, both for homes, residential blocks and commercial and industrial buildings.

The ability to shape and finish the material sets it apart from any material, allowing you to achieve almost anything your imagination can demand.

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