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Waffle Pod Slab to help achieve 6-star rating

Waffle Pod Slab to help achieve 6-star rating


Waffle pod slab build houses are becoming just as common as traditional pour slabs as home owners and builders try to achieve important 6-star and above ratings. The main benefit of aiming to achieve high star ratings is to build more energy efficient homes which in turn can have a direct impact on the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Industry body Expanded Polystyrene Australia cite the use of waffle pod systems to have contributed to a revolution in slab construction methods as well as to the Australian construction industry building more energy efficient houses.

“The inclusion of EPS Pods in a slab adds an insulation benefit up to R 1.0 (w/mK thermal resistance). This benefit reduces energy consumption in the house and when multiplied by the many houses that have used them has a significant effect on reducing greenhouse gas emissions thus making a very positive contribution to the environment.”

Designed specifically for residential, commercial and industrial markets, Foamex Diamond Pods is a strong yet lightweight polystyrene waffle pod void former system for concrete slabs.

The natural air pockets in the expanded polystyrene of this waffle pod slab system allows for a higher level of insulation to be achieved over traditional slab methods.

For more information regarding our unique polystyrene waffle pod void former system, download a brochure or contact your local Foamex office.


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