Using polystyrene solutions to beat the summer heat


Find yourself sticking gel packs in between your bed mattress and fitted sheet this summer when trying to get to sleep? Good housing insulation can help regulate the indoor temperature of your home so it doesn’t feel like a sweat box each summer evening.

Polystyrene is a natural insulator against temperature and noise. Not only does polystyrene insulation stop heat from entering the home, it also regulates the temperature inside the home by not allowing the cooled air to escape.

It is estimated by the Australian Department of Industry and Science that insulation could save you up to 40% in heating and cooling bills. That’s because proper insulation allows you to cool or heat your home to a comfortable temperature, turn off your cooling or heating appliance, and keep that temperature steady by preventing the energy from leaking out.

With proper insulation, you’ll be able to cool or heat your home to your desired temperature, and have your insulation keep that temperature consistent by preventing the energy from leaking out. This means that you’ll save on your energy bills as you’ll be less reliant on your energy or cooling solutions as the insulation will keep the cool air in for longer!