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Unsure of the differences between polyethylene and EPS?

differences between polyethylene and EPS

The NSW Government has followed its Victorian counterpart and introduced a building product use ban that prohibits the use of aluminium composite panels with a core comprised of greater than 30 per cent polyethylene. Such products were found in the tragic Grenfell Tower and Melbourne Lacrosse building fires.

Announcing the NSW ban, which came into effect on August 15, NSW Commissioner for Fair Trading, Rose Webb, said she considered a broad range of sources, including public submissions, expert advice, national and international reports, and NSW Cladding Taskforce data.

Commenting on the ban, Foamex Group General Manager Justin Kelsey issued support for the NSW Government’s stance on flammable products in building projects, while underscoring the significant difference between the banned polyethelene products and expanded polystyrene (EPS) products manufactured by Foamex.

“We want take this opportunity to remind the industry that the polyethelene products that are now banned bear no relationship to the Foamex expanded polystyrene products,” Mr Kelsey said.

“EPS manufactured by Foamex complies with all Australian building standards and has been a popular choice for builders. All Foamex polystyrene building products have a fire-retardant component built into them.”

Never to be confused with polyethylene, when Foamex EPS building products are exposed to a small flame source, they will shrink away from the naked flame, as opposed to fueling the fire.

Polystyrene has not been linked to the horrendous outcomes of the Grenfell Tower and Melbourne Lacrosse building fires, both of which used polyethelene for cladding.
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