The unique shape of Foamex's Diamond Pod™ has many benefits; not only does it give this waffle pod void former system heightened strength and flexibility, it is also durable, lightweight, and easy to handle.

The size and shape of the foam pillars that form the diamond offers optimum support for the foot traffic necessary for setting out the pods, placing the reinforcing steel, and pouring the concrete.

Waffle Pod Void FormersThe foam deck of Foamex's waffle pods is thicker than other pods, and in the moulding process additional material is compacted into it.

The concreter's boot is supported by the deck which spreads the load across a minimum of four of the support pillars wherever he places his foot.

The unique design of the void former system makes it much more suited to producing uniform high strength pods with the addition of recycled content.

At the heart of Foamex's Diamond Pod production is the Minuteman Diamond Pod Moulding Machine. The machine's state-of-the-art technology and innovative design uses no water and produces less waste, thereby ensuring that the Foamex Diamond Pod is environmentally-friendly to produce.

The combination of these features makes this unique design ideal for production and for heightened strength and durability of your waffle pod void former system.