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Theme your Christmas party with polystyrene props

Theme your Christmas party with polystyrene props


Whether you are hosting a corporate Christmas party for 300 or a small intimate gathering for your nearest and dearest, coming up with a fun Christmas party theme can help make your event a success.

Many of the most popular trends in Christmas party themes for 2015 can be created with polystyrene props laser cut to precision by Foamex.

Some popular 2015 Christmas party themes include:

Scandinavian winter
Thanks to the huge success of Frozen, Scandinavian Winter themes are top of the list for 2015 Christmas party themes. You can complete your theme with polystyrene hanging snowflakes, a giant snow covered tree and even create a winter sled and ice castle, all out of laser precision cut polystyrene.

Masquerade Ball
Throwing an elegant Christmas Masquerade Ball can be a glamourous way to thank staff and suppliers for all their hard work throughout the year. Bring you Venetian theme to life with larger than life Venetian masks or even build an opulent Venetian palace for guests to enter the ballroom through, all with polystyrene.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Celebrate the fun of Captain Jack Sparrow with a Pirates of the Caribbean party. A pirate theme can be a lot of fun – it gives people a chance to not only dress up, but also act the part – who doesn’t enjoy talking like a pirate? Treasure chests full of gold coins, skull and bones, and even palm trees can all be made from polystyrene and cut to precision.

Make your 2015 Christmas party theme a roaring success by adding oversized polystyrene props to the event. All these props can be created and sculpted by Foamex using expanded polystyrene – ready to bring life and flair to this year’s Christmas Party.

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