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Slab Structural Integrity with Diamond Pod

Slab Structural Integrity with Diamond Pod

Providing your concrete slabs with structural integrity is vital, and nothing is quicker or more cost-effective than Foamex Diamond Pods for providing your slabs with insulation and support.

According to Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA), expanded polystyrene waffle pods have revolutionised under slab construction methods which have enabled stronger, faster, and more cost effective slabs to be constructed. Foamex has taken this one step further with our uniquely shaped Diamond Pods, which offer optimal support for foot traffic during construction due to their thicker foam deck. This deck supports a concreter’s boot and allows for load to be spread across a minimum of four support pillars.

Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial use, Foamex Diamond Pods reduce the effects of soil movement and lowers the amount of concrete required per build. You’ll achieve a higher level of insulation as well due to the natural air pockets and moulded cells within the Diamond Pod. Other features and benefits include:

  • light and easy to handle
  • strong and durable
  • long term R-value
  • low water absorption
  • environmentally-friendly
  • comparatively inert and dimensionally stable
  • does not emit ozone depleting gases
  • Manufactured in Australia with fire retardant grade raw material
  • Complies with Australian Building Codes and Standards

For more information regarding our unique polystyrene waffle pod void former system, download a brochure or contact your local Foamex office.

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