diamond pods
Foamex Diamond Pods are specifically designed for the residential, commercial and industrial construction market. Their revolutionary design reduces costs for concrete pouring and saves time in the laying of the foundation. But more than this, it also reduces the risk of future foundation damage. 

Concrete slabs can crack and move within the soil as a result of heat, humidity and wet weather. A flow on affect are the tell-tale signs of a cracked foundation, such as cracked walls and doors not closing properly. If left untreated for too long, repair work and costs can grow exponentially. 

Although not the only cause of a cracked foundation, soil movement is one of the primary culprits, which is why it matters what type of soil your home is built on. Expansive soils, like clay soil, do what their name alludes to and expand when there is too much moisture, pushing the foundation up and cracking it. On the flip side, when the soil becomes too dry, it shrinks back from the foundation causing ‘settlement’ and cracking from the pressure. 

The Foamex Diamond Pod system, when correctly specified to suit your soil type, is designed to absorb the effects of soil movement, ensuring the concrete foundation remains structurally sound and intact. When married up to the benefit of additional insulation, Foamex Diamond Pods are an ideal solution for your next build.