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Polystyrene Giant Gorilla Skulls promotes Kong: Skull Island at Melb Train Station

kong skull island

A giant skull made from polystyrene is currently on display at Melbourne's Southern Cross Station for the entire month of March

The six metre tall skull is part of a promotion for the new movie Kong: Skull Island. The polystyrene for the six metre skull was supplied to Industrial Carving who were working for te advertising agency charged with promoting the movie.  

“A big part of our campaign is about bringing the world of Kong to life in a way that allows consumers to experience the overwhelming scale of Skull Island and the monsters who rule it,” said Age Conte, product marketing manager at Roadshow of the 6m skull.

FoamexEPSGorilla Jaw 02  FoamexEPSGorilla Skull Progress 05   


“A domination of Southern Cross Station provided the perfect high-traffic, big expansive spaces to do exactly that.”

The below video shows the installation of the skull and the impression reaction from passers-by.

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