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Make your home energy efficient, from roof to (under) floor

Homeowners, builders and architects can contribute to many energy saving insulating projects from roof to underground in order to boost the energy efficiency of a home.
Reducing energy costs is one of the most important factors in selecting insulation. Heating and cooling can consume 44 percent of all energy used in the home. In cold weather, insulation is used to keep the warm air in. In warm weather, it keeps the hot air out.

The best way to quantify how well building insulation works is by its R-value, which measures its resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.
Foamex can offer a range of insulation solutions from roof to floor, including:

  • Roof (Purlin) Insulation – PurlinK High Density Polystyrene  Purlin Insulation offers thermal efficiency for commercial metal decking roofing.
  • Ceilings – StyReflex aluminium foil faced Styroboard sheets allow greater R values to be obtained in open and confined spaces.
  • Wall Cladding – External wall cladding combines lightweight materials with a high thermal insulation rating. 
  • Internal Insulation – Internal wall Insulation is ideal for protection against the effects of temperature and noise 
  • Underfloor insulation – Expol Underfloor Insulation is the most cost effective way to insulate your home to stop heat entering in summer and escaping in winter.
  • Slab – Foamex Diamond Pods are an economical and durable void former system for pouring reinforced concrete slabs to enable stronger slabs and reduce traditional labour time.

Expanded Polystyrene is one of the most versatile and cost effective materials for building and construction applications because of its benefits in product, performance and recycling. Industries all across Australia choose Foamex polystyrene insulation for many reasons:

  • Moisture resistant
  • Offers exceptional insulation against extreme temperatures and noise
  • Lowers energy bills
  • Long-lasting
  • Does not attract insects and rodents
  • Manufactured to Australian standards
  • Has long-term R-value (thermal resistance)
  • Environmentally friendly

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