Minimising energy usage in buildings has become one of the most widespread goals in the commercial, industrial, and residential construction industries. Efforts to reduce building energy usage are typically focused on the mechanical, electrical, and glazing systems and not the structural system.

However, one area where engineers can reduce energy consumption is thermal bridging. Thermal bridging refers to the loss of building energy through thermal conductivity of elements that "bridge" across the insulation of a wall or roof enclosure of a conditioned space when the outside temperature is warmer or cooler than the interior space. Foamex PurlinK

Foamex PurlinK Extruded Polystyrene Spacers provide a thermal break for your commercial roofing insulation by allowing sufficient space for the insulation to recover to a satisfactory thickness ensuring superior resistance to heat transmission at the purlins. This eliminates thermal bridging which helps to maximise thermal efficiency and increase R-value.

Foamex PurlinK XPS Spacers are specifically designed for all commercial metal roofing applications. It is the ideal product to provide the insulation answer for your commercial roof system.