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Foamex supports responsible waffle pod practices

Foamex supports responsible waffle pod practices

As a long-time member of EPSA, Foamex strongly supports recent EPSA messaging regarding the requirements for the safe storage, transportation and onsite management of EPS waffle pods in line with the EPSA code of conduct.

At Foamex, we are committed to our environmental pledges and adhere to specific and stringent policies regarding how our EPS waffle pods are responsibly handled in the field. Foamex Diamond Pods are delivered to construction sites and tightly wrapped together with plastic shrink wrap. They are then further secured on site using netting over the top and all sides, which is then attached to pegs in the ground to minimise the risk of blow-aways and damage. Once the Diamond Pods are laid, our intuitively designed lock-in spacers ensure that all pods are secure and held in place.

And, with every order we provide bags for off-cuts and left-over polystyrene. We will pick up off-cuts from a construction site if required and take them back to our premises for repurposing back into our manufacturing process.

While we can’t control how customers manage waffle pods on site during construction, we do all we can to ensure we comply with the EPSA’s sustainability guidelines.

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