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Foamex 'Shapes' Rooftop Green Gardens Into The Future

Foamex 'Shapes' Rooftop Green Gardens Into The Future

About 20 years ago, a green roof garden was something of a novelty. Today there are literally hundreds in our major cities, a trend driven by environmental awareness and moves by many local authorities to require such features in major projects.

This remarkable growth has brought with it greatly improved expertise in the area; making it more than just 'gardening in the sky'. Key to the success of a roof top garden, is the long term interaction of the garden with the building; including critical issues such as drainage, stability, waterproofing and insulation.

Achieving the insulation objective of the garden and protecting the roof are requirements that must be met. As a leading manufacturer of extruded polystyrene, Foamex is uniquely equipped to provide products for construction of green roofs and can offer a number of unique advantages and cost efficiencies.

Foamex’s Styroboard XPS closed cell polystyrene has been designed and manufactured here in Australia, and can provide maximum roof protection, whilst able to withstand heavy foot traffic and significant loads.

Styroboard XPS is practically impervious to water, offering significant savings through not having to waterproof the insulation. The product will also add to the insulation R value of your roof garden, often surprisingly low just relying on plants and soil, especially when wet.

Foamex's Styroboard XPS extruded polystyrene is dimensionally stable and ideally suitable for moist garden environments. This, coupled with its light weight, and the fact that it is nutritionally neutral to plants, animals and bacteria, equals a cost effective and reliable product for your roof garden project.

Styroboard XPS is available in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses, and can also be custom-produced to your requirements. To find out more about how Styroboard XPS can work for your rooftop garden project contact us today.

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