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Foamex Polystyrene to help achieve 6 star building rating


Polystyrene high performance building materials can play a major role in helping to achieve a 6-star energy rating for your building project, allowing architects, builders and specifiers to more easily meet the crucial six star energy rating required in today’s buildings.

Expanded Polystyrene insulation is practical, efficient and cost effective and can be applied across a wide range of building constructions – ceilings, roofs, walls, floors and under slab – in commercial, residential and industrial applications to provide exceptional standards of thermal insulation and help achieve a six star energy rating.

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Expol Underfloor insulation
Expol Underfloor Insulation
is safe and easy to install and is great to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer – saving you up to 12% on your energy bills.

Styroboard™ Polystyrene Sheets and Blocks
Styroboard™ expanded polystyrene wall cladding sheet or block insulation is ideal for wall, ceiling and under slab requirements and refrigeration insulation. Stryoboard™ is lightweight, strong, clean and easy to handle, therefore making it ideal for rendering.

Styreflex® Foil Faced Polystyrene Sheets
Styreflex® Foil Faced Polystyrene Sheets offers exceptional reflective qualities to produce an outstanding thermal insulation solution, allowing greater R values to be obtained in open and confined spaces. The foil works to keep heat out in summer and contained during winter, providing year round insulation, cutting heating and cooling costs. Reflecting approximately 95% of infra-red radiation, the eco-friendly Styreflex® assists in reducing carbon dioxide


emissions by reducing heating and cooling energy requirement.

Polystyrene is a sustainable alternative that is more energy efficient and environmentally conscious than traditional building methods. Foamex polystyrene building products make a major contribution to the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of construction as well as contributing to the sustainability of completed projects and delivering six-star building projects.

Benefits of Polystyrene Packaging
Underfloor insulation for the whole house – not ju...

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