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Foamex Expanded Polystyrene helps wall system achieve highest BAL rating

Unfortunately, many Australian homes are in areas prone to bushfire attack, and these homes and property are rated in terms of Bushfire Attack Levels, which in turn set minimum building guidelines. These guidelines are intended to reduce the risk of loss of life or damage to property in bushfire prone areas.

There are 6 bushfire attack levels in total, these are:

These individual levels are based on;

The region where you live.
The vegetation type around your property.
The distance from your home to individual vegetation types.
Slope on the property.

Bushfire Attack Level 40 is where homes and property face increasing ember attacks and windborne debris with radiant heat between 29 kW/m2 and 40 kW/m2 and exposure to flames from fire front is highly likely. 

The Polystat Wall System from Casafico uses Foamex Expanded Polystyrene at its core, being the main building materials between the steel formwork. The use of Foamex Expanded Polystyrene in the walls combined with the use of recycled glass, paper and polystyrene in the coatings means Polystat achieves the highest BAL rating. 


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