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Foamex EPS at core of Casafico building system finalist nomination in innovation award

Casafico is a Victorian based construction company focused on manufacturing innovative building products with sustainable building practices at the forefront. These sustainable practices include the use of recycled raw materials, utilising locally sourced materials and saving materials from landfill. For over eight years, Casafico have been using Foamex recycled polystyrene in its coating formulations. Over the last 12 years, this practice has saved over 5,700 cubic metres of polystyrene from landfill.

Casafico have recently launched the Polystat Wall construction system, a pre-fabricated wall system that uses Foamex expanded polystyrene as the core of this innovation construction system.  The use of EPS in between the steel framework helps give the Polystat wall system 90/90/90-minute fire rating and the thermal efficiency is 4.17R -Value on all external walls.

“The use of Foamex expanded polystyrene at the core of Polystat along with Foamex recycled polystyrene and other materials in the external coatings of the wall has helped Polystat homes achieve a 7-star rating,” said Riccardo Mucci, Managing Director, Casafico. 

“Casafico’s unique building systems change the dynamics of the building industry utilising the finest quality raw materials and providing the market with products which are simple to use and highly cost effective. Every home that is built using the Polystat system saves 20 cubic metres of waste from landfill.”

The Casafico Polystat wall system was recently names a finalist in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards, Victoria. Nominated in the Innovative Products category, the Polystat Wall system was highly commended for its sustainable design and manufacture. As the Polystat Wall system gains wider market acceptance, Casafico hopes that the amount of raw materials rescued from landfill will increase and that developers and home owners recognise the many benefits and values of building sustainable houses. 

By choosing Foamex expanded polystyrene for the core material of Polystat, the wall system will not deteriorate with age and will deliver constant R values for the life of the building thanks to its stable cellular structure.


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