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Foamex Diamond Pods Offer Quick Build Solution for Granny Flats

Foamex Diamond Pods Offer Quick Build Solution for Granny Flats

More and more home owners are discovering the benefits of secondary dwellings on their properties, creating a large market for builders able to meet the unique challenges.

Granny flats, once a flat roofed single room structure, have changed immensely as the demand for them increases. While a granny flat can be to meet the changing needs of your family, it can also be a clever investment strategy. Rental prices across Sydney show that rentals for granny flats are at $300 to $700-plus per week.

Governments have responded to the increase need for smaller more affordable accommodation with greatly streamlined approval processes; in NSW for example the aim is to achieve 10 days. This adds to the competitive pressure for builders and the need to find suitable techniques to fast track completion and meet the cost challenges of a very crowded market.

Foamex Diamond Pods are an expanded polystyrene waffle pod system that offers great value in expediting slab completion and lowering site costs.

According to Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA), expanded polystyrene waffle pods enable stronger, better engineered slabs to be constructed faster and more cost effectively over traditional methods.

The key to effective savings (and greater profitability) is the on-site speed and the fact that less cement is required. Add to this the benefits of minimal earthworks as there are no internal trenches to dig and the fact that work can continue in adverse weather.

Foamex Diamond Pods are thicker and stronger than others, protecting against damage and compression during construction; meaning they are safe to walk on. Diamond Pod based slabs have been proven not to be prone to cracking due to heat, humidity, soil movement or moisture, and are not affected by water.

Diamond pods also result in the building being higher out of the ground if required, without using extra concrete - a great benefit in wetter areas.

The product adds an insulation benefit up to R1.0 which not only helps achieve energy compliance, but has been reported to result in occupants having warmer feet in cold weather! A definite selling point.

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