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Foam, huh, yeah, what is it good for?


Foam is a funny product. A soon as it’s mentioned most of us will automatically picture white chunks of packing foam that come with our electricals, white goods or in its ‘box’ form, used to transport foods that need to be packed with ice and kept cold.

But like most materials that seem to have limited use, with the right mind and in the right hands they can evolve to become so much more. One such evolution is as a building material. Everyday more and more construction companies are using polystyrene as the main material for building foundations. Its shock absorbent properties means there are less chances of the foundation cracking, and the added insulation it provides increases the energy efficient nature of the property.  It is a cost effective value add material.

But one of the evolutions of foam is something we easily overlook, but has been around for decades, if not longer, and that is as a ‘prop’.

Props can be used in entertainment, such as the theatre, TV and movies, or in marketing in advertising to sell products and services. Another area props have become a big part of is the Cosplay scene. Whilst starting out as more of a creative “hobby”, it has now blown up in to a professional industry, with certain ‘Cosplayers’ being booked out months in advance to appear at events around the world. 

Even cake decorators create ‘fake cakes’ for the budget conscious, combining layers of decorated foam with one layer of real cake for events such as birthdays and weddings. 

Just to show you the extent of what you can do with foam, and to prove we aren’t lying, we’ve created a gallery of some of the things created using foam. Enjoy!



Polystyrene Propsec61c0152e903edac6221833aff46b44

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 Polystyrene Propsdonut foam props sculpture decoration 02

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Polystyrene PropsCrackersquirmCosplay

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Polystyrene Props32d20fe1e737cc784cc437134f784d71

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Polystyrene PropsLINE X Troll and Alligator Movie Prop

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Polystyrene Propspr

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Polystyrene Propsburger foam props

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Polystyrene Propspacific rim gipsy danger cosplay by nona neon

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Polystyrene Props3075337208 c96d9c415b

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